With an infinite number of distractions vying for our attention each day, advertising needs to be short, sharp, and memorable to cut through and influence purchasing behaviour. Many people spend a big part of their day outside their homes. In fact, it’s estimated that people engage in outdoor activities for 8+ hours per day. During this time, the most efficient way to reach your audience and grab people’s attention is through billboard advertising. That is why it is important to define your billboard marketing strategy before commencing your billboard campaign. Particularly you want to consider the benefits and results you want to achieve with your campaign eg. More leads? Increase sales? Brand awareness?

New research by Posterscope proves that Outdoor Advertising has a clear impact on actions people take, driving traffic and sales both online and in-store. What’s more, the results show that billboards have a positive effect on brand equity*.

Digital Billboards


Type of Billboard

Billboards are divided into two main categories: static and digital. Before choosing between a digital billboard versus a traditional billboard as the medium for your advertising campaign, you must be fully informed about the strengths of both types of outdoor advertising.

Digital billboards are eye-catching and attention-grabbing in their sheer size and dynamic nature. Put up a digital billboard and you can be sure that people will take notice of your advertising effort. A massive advantage digital billboards have over the traditional static option is the ability to quickly change messages to reflect new marketing strategies, promotions, or pricing.

Traditional billboard advertising is one of the only forms of marketing that offers 24/7 exposure and subliminal messaging for your business in which you occupy 100% of the voice. Traditional billboards deliver a constant message to road users which cannot be turned off or tuned out. A roadside billboard delivers a free message to road users which is not incorporated with any kind of purchase, effectively making your business one that delivers a free message to the general public rather than one which is forced or costly. A static billboard is effective in the constant delivery of brand recognition for your business, featured in a stand-out location.

Both types of billboards, static and digital each has their own advantages. The best way to choose between the two is by carefully evaluating the goals of your brand and what best suits the marketing campaign and strategy.

Billboard Locations/Audience

Billboards are geographically set. Figure out the habits and locations of your target audience and get the billboards in front of the right people. If you’re running dynamic digital billboards, then you have another variable at your disposal—time. Say you’re promoting an orthodontist to parents that are staying at home to raise kids. With digital billboards, you can target certain areas and run the ads at times such as 10 to noon or two to four in the afternoon, which are peak times to run errands and take kids to after-school activities. This is an important element of your billboard marketing strategy.

Locally relevant billboards can provide companies with more impactful results. If you run a billboard in Hoppers Crossing you could, for example, make an “inside joke” about something that would resonate with the local community. If you’re running a nationwide campaign, then consider running different billboard variations that highlight the local scene.

Billboard Design

When developing your outdoor advertising marketing strategy, you need to consider your creative design and what you want to achieve from your messaging. Think eye-catching digital billboards and strategic media planning working hand-in-hand to help businesses increase sales, traffic, and awareness for your product or service. When it comes to billboard design, there are 3 main things we like to keep in mind: creative ideas need to be executed simply — less is more. Secondly, your billboard needs to stand out from the others and from the surrounding environment. Last but not least, your design needs to be memorable — creativity is key. 

Set Your Business Up For Success

With over 40 years of outdoor advertising experience, Civic Outdoor have the hands-on experience and expertise to help guide you and manage your outdoor media campaign and billboard strategy. We work closely with our clients to create tailored and individualised plans to ensure we create and implement valuable, relevant, and consistent strategies and recommend ideal locations to attract your audience. Contact us at hello@civicoutdoor.com.au for a no-obligation chat. 


*Source: Posterscope study based on an analysis of consumers recalling/exposed to OOH versus all respondents from 52 campaigns (n=33,668 respondents), 2015-2020. Not all campaigns tracked all metrics.



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