With the digital era taking over almost every industry, companies looking to expand their client base with successful marketing campaigns are commonly encouraged to explore online options only. And while digital marketing is a massive industry in itself, traditional outdoor marketing options like classic billboards still catch the eyes of hundreds and thousands of potential clients every single day.

If you are looking to learn more about the statistics of outdoor advertising, we are happy to help. As a leading provider of affordable and effective outdoor marketing solutions across the country, here are the billboard advertising facts we want you to know:

Interesting facts about billboard advertising

While billboards might not always be the first thought that comes to mind when you think about advertising, they have been proven to be incredibly effective marketing tools. If you are looking for a way for your company’s ad to stand out above the rest, turning to outdoor marketing strategies like billboards offer a variety of benefits. Affordable, customisable and easy to organise, there is a reason why so many businesses have returned to traditional advertising techniques since the digital take over.

Beyond using a billboard ROI calculator, there are other billboard advertising facts that should be factored in when it comes time to make your decision. Some of the most shocking and interesting statistics surrounding billboard advertising include:

  • 78% of Australians report seeing and noticing outdoor advertising every month. On top of this, 74% of Aussies report seeing a billboard every day, resulting in several exposures to any given ad multiple times a week. With this in mind, billboard ads can be specifically created and placed in locations designed to draw attention to your primary target audience.
  • With the average Australian spending 7.5 hours a week in their car, highly trafficked areas offer great opportunities for outdoor advertising. Using this to your advantage is one way to increase your brand awareness. Additionally, 72% of Australians drive to work every day, taking predictable and often busy routes perfect for billboard advertising.
  • 88% of Australians associate billboard advertising with brands that stand out from the others. Great for showing off your company’s newest products or services, billboard marketing can help to increase awareness of the best and most exclusive offers.

The benefits of out of home marketing

Aside from the convincing outdoor advertising statistics, there are many other benefits to choosing out of home marketing.

Offering more creative freedoms and endless possibilities, outdoor advertising is still a thriving subsection of the marketing world. Able to be optimised to best serve your target audience, everything from billboard development to deciding the location of your ad can be customised for your unique needs. Great for companies looking to make a splash with bold, bright, and attention-grabbing content, exploring the world of out of home marketing might be just the thing that your business needs to boost its current level of sales and brand awareness.

Digital billboards — the best of both worlds

Another interesting fact about billboard advertising — did you know that we offer comprehensive digital billboard services?

With digital billboards, you can use your current digital asset to their fullest potential with still and moving ads displayed on our electronic boards. Because this advertising style is both bright and dynamic, we have found great results when measuring the impact of ads shown in this manner. Able to be seen clearly during darkness or less ideal weather, you can rest assured that your advertisement will get across to the largest number of potential clients possible through the use of a digital billboard.

Build brand awareness and gain quality client leads with Civic Outdoor

Whether you are looking to share the news of a product launch or are looking to build awareness of your company’s unique story, Civic Outdoor is your go-to place for quality and hassle-free out of home advertising. With over 40 years of experience serving the local Australian community, we are proud to have helped both small and large businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals through the use of custom billboard marketing.

If you are considering billboard advertising and want to learn more about the benefits beyond what a billboard ROI calculator can tell you, we have got you covered. Always committed to transparency, honesty and excellent customer service, our team at Civic Outdoor is available to discuss any of your most pressing concerns and questions about our outdoor marketing solutions. Connect with our team today to start your journey to enhanced revenue and brand awareness with Civic Outdoor billboard advertising!

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