A spectacular classic billboard in Melbourne's outer suburbs


Civic Outdoor’s classic billboards give brands 100% location-based ownership in high reaching and impactful locations. They provide brands 100% share of voice and pack a powerful punch for messaging with impact, influence, and frequency. Static billboard advertising takes your brand to the next level in size, style, and quality. Explore a marketing style that has proven and consistent results for small and large businesses alike and present your brand with a bang.

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Spectacular classic billboards

Big, bold, and creative. Spectacular billboards are located on major highways and freeways and provide an unmissable opportunity for brands to reach audiences with impact. The repetitive exposure garnered from regular road users with a spectacular static billboard ensures maximum brand recognition and effective message delivery.

Supersite roadside billboard

Supersite billboards provide over 40 square metres of unmissable impact and are located on main arterials, highways, and freeways. A supersite roadside billboard delivers a constant message for your business through effective subliminal notice.

A digital billboard in Melbourne operated by our Civic Outdoor advertising agency
A digital billboard in Melbourne operated by our Civic Outdoor advertising agency

Landmark roadside billboard

Available in a range of unique sizes Civic Outdoor landmark billboards are strategically located on major roads throughout Melbourne. A landmark roadside billboard offers consistent suburban brand recognition for your business.   

Portrait billboards

Located in busy suburban corridors, portraits are the ideal medium to reach audiences where they live, work, and play. These classic billboards are perfect for gaining effective brand recognition for your business from a local audience.

Static billboard advertising will get your business noticed

By working with the expert media planning team at Civic Outdoor, we can help you to create spectacular static and digital billboards which will deliver your message with maximum impact and clarity. Working with a team that understands how to make the most of advertising through classic billboards in all formats puts you well ahead of the marketing game. Connect with us today to discuss how Civic Outdoor can turn the spotlight on to your business for the maximum impact.

What are the advantages of a classic or static billboard?

Static billboard advertising is one of the only forms of marketing that offers 24/7 exposure and subliminal messaging for your business in which you occupy 100% of the voice. Classic billboards deliver a constant message to road users which cannot be turned off or tuned out. A roadside billboard delivers a free message to road users which is not incorporated with any kind of purchase, effectively making your business one that delivers a free message to the general public rather than one which is forced or costly. A static billboard is an effective and constant delivery of brand recognition for your business, featured in a stand-out location.

Why choose Civic Outdoor for static billboard advertising in Melbourne?

Civic Outdoor offers an impressive geographical coverage of Melbourne, Victoria together with regional locations in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. Our expert media planning team can assist you with the design and strategic placement of classic billboards that will be effective in delivering your business message to your target audience. We know how to make an impact for your business and our in-depth knowledge relating to static billboard advertising comes from many years of experience. Our core focus is on delivering results for businesses regardless of their size.


The impact of a classic billboard is an unmissable one. It brings your brand messaging out of screens and into the real world, where it can’t be ignored, skipped or turned off. Consumers can better recall your message and that message is presented for ‘free’ — without the conditions of purchase. The result is an authentic piece of communication that cuts through the daily noise of online and other forms of advertising.

The cost of a billboard ad will vary, depending on the size and location of your static billboard advertising and the length of time you’d like it to run. While it might sound old fashioned, we believe in human interaction and conversations. Connect with us today to start the conversation about how a digital or classic billboard will work best for your business and budget.

Major roadside locations on highways and busy thoroughfares offer maximum exposure and great brand recognition. Regular road users will repeatedly experience your message, creating better recall and overall impact. For static billboard advertising that really makes its mark, it’s hard to beat a prime freeway location. Civic Outdoor has decades of experience in targeted advertising across Melbourne and greater Victoria, so you can trust us to find you the right location for your advertising to be most impactful.

Getting started with a classic billboard couldn’t be easier. We tailor a full-service approach for your business, guiding you through a strategic media planning strategy, artwork development and implementation. Our expert team will work closely with you to create a campaign that will speak directly to the people you want to reach. To rent a billboard today, just get in touch!