A digital billboard displaying some outdoor advertising to oncoming traffic

Outdoor Media Planning

With over 40 years of outdoor advertising experience, Civic Outdoor have the hands-on experience and expertise to help guide you and manage your outdoor media campaign.

We work closely with our clients to create tailored and individualised plans to ensure we create and implement valuable, relevant, and consistent strategies and recommend ideal locations to attract your audience.

Key Essentials in any Billboard Advertising Campaign

Outdoor advertising is very much a location-based medium – so you need to ask yourself what are the key areas and demographics that you need to reach? Once we have thoroughly identified your target audience, we then work to create an outdoor media campaign for your business which may include creative design work together with the use of classic and digital billboards. At Civic Outdoor, our trained media experts will work with you to design the central message you wish to deliver for the most outstanding brand recognition and the most effective results.

Developing a Strategic Outdoor Media Plan that Works

Every city has its own particular outdoor landscape and at Civic Outdoor we are not only experts in outdoor advertising, we are experts in Melbourne and Victoria. This powerful combination makes us an ideal partner for strategically mapping and creating your outdoor billboard advertising campaign.

A Media Planning Agency in Melbourne that is Dedicated to Excellence

When creating an outdoor media plan for your business, we will utilise every format we have available to ensure that your business enjoys as much exposure as possible. Our team will be your dedicated partners in creating a billboard advertising campaign that not only works for your business but drives the kind of results you have been searching for. Connect with us today to discuss how our media planning agency in Melbourne can help your business.

What Does an Outdoor Media Plan Look Like with Civic Outdoor?

At Civic Outdoor, no two outdoor media plans look the same. Every plan we construct for our clients is personalised to their specific business goals and their target audience. Whether it be strategic placement of classic and digital billboards throughout regional Australia or creating a billboard advertising campaign that has incredible impact on major roads and freeways in high-traffic areas where they will remain in constant focus of a particular target market, you can rely on the expert media planners at Civic Outdoor to create a strategic outdoor media campaign that meets all your business marketing needs.

Why is Outdoor Media Planning Important? 

An outdoor media campaign is effective for business brand recognition and to promote to consumers without seeming pushy or forceful in delivering your message. As the digital market has slowly become overpopulated with what consumers deem as unwanted advertising, more traditional and non-intrusive methods including the use of a billboard advertising campaign are re-emerging as popular, affordable, and effective means of promoting a company brand and its message to a wider audience.

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