Programmatic Digital Out of Home in Melbourne

By reaching specific audiences through programmatic digital out of home advertising, you can harness and utilise tools that traditional OOH and DOOH cannot. It’s an opportunity to undertake specific audience targeting and measurement. Some of the key benefits and value that digital programmatic advertising can provide for your organisation include the below:

One of our many digital billboards that can be located throughout Melbourne

It’s faster and more flexible
As soon as the time is right, you’ll be able to deliver the right message to your target audience automatically. For example, office workers are leaving their building to grab lunch in the city, and your pDOOH advertisement for nearby food outlets are displayed in front of them as they walk to the closest food court. Now all they’re thinking of as they see your digital ad is heading to your location. 

Targets your demographics
Unlike the traditional DOOH buying process, pDOOH lets you be specific with certain vital conditions such as impressions and CPM (Cost Per Thousand) that you want your digital ad to be displayed under. Your programmatic digital display advertising campaign will only go live when these conditions are met, plus it’s the only time you’ll pay for the ad.

Offers real-time analytics
pDOOH advertising is automated, which generates real-time campaign analytics. By using a programmatic buying platform at Civic Outdoors, you’ll be able to track the following four points:

1: Planned and spent budgets by campaign and publisher.
2: The audiences reached, plus the number of impressions.
Individual screen performance, including the number of playouts (i.e. the generation of your advertising source signal). 
Your effective cost per mile (eCPM), which is the cost per thousand of ad impressions — data is king! 

It’s memorable and likeable
A 2015 study by Nielsen Holdings found that 82% of respondents had seen a pDOOH ad in the last month, and a majority of them viewed it in a positive light. The majority of respondents felt that ads stood out more on digital billboards compared to others. Interestingly, 71% felt that advertisements on digital billboards stood out more than online ads.

One of our many classic billboard locations throughout Melbourne


One of the key factors in the success of pDOOH is not only that it’s targeted but that it’s scalable.

Recent studies have suggested that US marketers spend over $61 billion on programmatic ads. In 2023, that’s projected to increase to $133 billion, which is 91% of total digital ad spend. What does that mean? Well, by increasing their spending by 91% in a couple of years, it demonstrates the need and potential profits that programmatic digital display advertising can provide for its clientele — essentially, you and your organisation. 

So why not explore the next wave of digital advertising with pDOOH? You’ll be able to increase your ROI through strategic programmatic digital display through Civic Outdoor. Since 1965, we’ve been connecting communities with billboard development, media planning, and digital billboards


Our business is built on your results. Unlike digital, mobile, radio, or even TV ads, our Programmatic Digital Advertising services are some of the most cost-effective marketing services for your ad campaign. 

Civic Outdoor’s coverage of Melbourne and Victoria includes our outdoor advertising sites across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, and Tasmania. 

Our team dedicates all their efforts and experience to helping your brand and product get the attention it needs, plus delivering an ROI that will expand your business and drive sales. Whether you’re new to programmatic digital display advertising or have some prior experience with digital billboards, our team at Civic Outdoor can help you bring your target audience through your front doors —  both in the digital and real world. Interested in getting started?

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One of our many classic billboard locations throughout Melbourne


Digital out of home programmatic advertising provides additional functionality to your digital billboard campaign. Enabling targeting triggers to choose your audience. It is the pinnacle of intelligent “Smart” advertising. It uses a dynamic digital display that allows you to book advertising space at particular locations and at specific times. With a digital display, you can use eye catching creatives to capture people’s attention and ensure that your adverts make an impact. Companies using programmatic billboard advertising have found great increases in foot traffic and programmatic billboards are generating a strong lift across all KPIs.

Digital out of home programmatic ads allow you numerous flexible targeting options for your campaign, all with the click of a button. This allows you to target your ad spend to the time and places your customers will see them, ensuring that your message isn’t just seen by thousands of random eyes but by your target audience. As a programmatic campaign runs you are able to measure the consumers exposed to your advertisement and who engaged. You then have the option of mobile retargeting providing additional touchpoints for brand exposure. You can also compare results across various data measures and reporting. At Civic Outdoor, you’re not just getting advertising space — you’re leveraging our top-tier smart media planning services. Programmatic gives advertisers more control than ever before. A successful campaign is literally at your fingertips.

The cost of your programmatic digital display advertising depends on the length of your campaign, time and frequency, the size of your media, the location of your programmatic billboards and whether you decide to optimise your ads with our creative design services. As a high impact medium that reaches audiences in their natural environments, programmatic digital OOH advertising offers a fantastic return on investment.

To get started with programmatic digital display advertising and ensure you get the return on investment you’re looking for, contact us and we will develop a comprehensive plan to get maximum eyes on your products and services. Our programmatic experts can hold your hand the whole way.