How effective is Civic Guide advertising, and how are they different from more traditional billboard advertising?

The Civic Guides network of small format billboards serves communities across the country. Local communities benefit from Civic Guides’ extensive outdoor presence Australia-wide. With locations ranging from the center of town to bus stops to shopping centers, Civic Guides are where they need to be located so they can generate the most exposure.

Booking Civic Guides is easy and affordable. These street-level billboards, which are located at eye level, reach a variety of audiences as they go about their daily routines. Their simple, eye-catching design easily captures the attention of passers-by. And by targeting mass audiences in high traffic areas where repeat journeys will increase brand recognition and awareness, Civic Guides give your advertising maximum exposure.

Civic Guides are often located in the central part of the community. This gives them the advantage of grabbing their audience’s attention while they are driving, riding or even walking past. The other benefit to civic guides is that often the audience is passing by more slowly and in a more relaxed environment. This gives numerous opportunities for the audience to take in the message of the advertisement. Most people have perused the offering on a civic guide somewhere. People often see Civic Guides as a community noticeboard so they seek them out deliberately to find valuable information; so they are less likely to be seen as intrusive advertising.

How much does advertising on Civic Guides cost?

The cost of Civic Guides depends on the location of the advertisement, the length of your campaign, and whether you choose to display your own design or take advantage of our creative design services. Affordable and easy to purchase, our civic guides are one of the most locally targeted forms of advertising you can use to connect with your consumers. 

What is the most effective location for Civic Guides?

Civic Guides can be effective when placed in a variety of locations. Some of the most effective sites for Civic Guides are libraries, shopping centers, and near public transport. Civic Guides can also be placed in other public places, such as community centers, parks, and shopping malls. 

Advertising is a very personal experience. While one advert may serve a brand and consumers well, another in the same location might not yield the same results. Our media planning services create a strategic plan for your civic guide campaign to identify optimal areas in accordance with your target audience’s demographics to drive the results you have been searching for.

How do you rent a Civic Guide advertisement space?

If you’re interested in reaching thousands of Australians, our Civic Guide media will put your brand and product in front of the audience and community you’re trying to target. To get started, contact us and allow us to help drive awareness of your service.


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