So, you’ve made the decision that billboard advertising is the way to go. The first decision you will need to make is whether your billboard will be static or digital. Both options can provide your business with excellent exposure — so how do you choose? 

Digital billboards, while more eye-catching with the lights and movement of your ad, are better suited to short term promotions that need a “wow” factor, while static billboards mean you are not sharing advertising space and benefit from having your advertisement on display 24/7. Once that decision is made, it’s time to design! Read on to discover some of our tips for effective billboards.

1. Less is more

One of the key billboard design tips is to keep it as simple as possible. Your audience will be on the move, so they won’t have time to read the details. Large bold images and fonts will make it easier for a person driving or walking past to get the message. 

When you create your own billboard, you will need to consider where the billboard will be placed and design it appropriately for your audience, be it pedestrian or vehicle traffic. A person travelling on a freeway, for example, will have more approach time to take in your billboard. The larger and clearer your advertisement, the longer they have to absorb your ad. 

Pedestrians, by contrast, can move at a more leisurely pace. A smaller footpath-side billboard can contain a little more detail. But remember, most people will not stop and stare. It needs to be kept as simple as possible. Less is definitely more when designing your billboard.

2. Standing out from the crowd

Oftentimes billboards are grouped in defined areas. This means there are a number of advertisements that could steal attention from your potential customer — so you need a design that pops. How can you get the maximum impact with minimal information while still keeping it memorable? 

We have experienced designers that can help you with billboard advertising design ideas, but first, there are some key questions to consider:  

  • Do you have one, simple message? 
  • Are you advertising something that requires explanation? 
  • Can graphics be more effective than words? 

Digital billboards stand out with lights and movement. But keeping in mind that less is more, too much flashing and movement will make the billboard difficult to read. One of our best digital billboard design tips is that standing out from the crowd does not mean being the biggest or loudest. It means having a design that makes your billboard the one a person’s interest is drawn to.

3. Memorable design

Think along the lines of a television jingle. Effective ones get stuck in your head. It is the same with billboards. If your billboard has something that is catchy or unique, your audience will be able to recollect the details later. When you drive or walk past a billboard, you will recall the message later because it piqued your interest — and the next time you drive or walk by, you will pay more attention. This is how billboards can be very effective methods of advertising. The person actually seeks out your advertisement as opposed to it being thrust in their face repeatedly, as is the case in other forms of advertising, such as digital media.

Our team has many years of experience in successfully creating media plans for businesses. We specialise in designing and placing billboards throughout Melbourne and Victoria, creating connections with local businesses and local people. Get in touch to see how we can help you realise your billboard advertising design ideas and find placements that are tailored to your advertising needs.

What makes a good billboard ad?

Memorable, easy to understand, clear and easy to read are all factors in a good billboard ad. It should convey a  concise message that is not overbearing to read or acknowledge while also being eye-catching. We’ve all seen catchy ads that we remember but cannot remember what the ad was for. Sometimes this is a brilliant marketing ploy because you have the attention of your potential customer. 

However, this is the exception rather than the rule — be careful if you’re considering taking this approach. A truly effective billboard ad will have people talking about it and actively seeking it out to get more information, so keeping it clear is usually the best option. 

Get in touch with Civic Outdoor today

First things first. Who is your target audience? Where is the best placement for your billboard to ensure your target audience is reached? These questions will lay the groundwork for how you create your billboard. 

Design and artwork are next. Coming up with a punchy design could include 3D effects creating optical illusions or simply a solid bold background with one or two words. Creating a standout billboard is something our design team is very passionate about. Ready to bring us your vision to life? Get in touch with the team at Civic Outdoor today!

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