Australians are on the move and spending less time indoors and more time in the great outdoors. Hence the importance of outdoor advertising has never been so omnipresent.

Whether it’s a classic billboard with a big, bold design or a high-impact digital billboard, outdoor advertising is guaranteed to capture consumers’ attention. Perfectly positioned and unmissable, a billboard can guarantee you valuable and widespread brand awareness for a vast audience. We know that amid a rising tide of digital advertising that gets tuned out by millennials and overwhelms our online experience, outdoor advertising has become even more important. Billboard advertising brings the conversation about your business back to real people and with real word-of-mouth conversations, with a physical advertisement that will, in turn, drive mobile brand engagement.

One of the many advantages of billboard advertising is that it is quite literally unmissable and therefore one of the most powerful mediums to build your brand. In fact, outdoor advertising reaches 93% of Australians each and every day. Which is more than any other media channel. Research shows that audiences are 2x more alert and likely to act when they are outside the home. Additionally, consumers tend to accept outdoor advertising as a positive and non-intrusive form of marketing compared with how digital and in-home marketing is often received.

Brands need recovery in 2021 and billboard advertising is a broadcast solution that can reach targeted, behavioral, and mass audiences, complementing other key channels. Digital billboards reach almost all Australians every week but importantly helps brands convey messages in a public space where they can deliver core brand engagement and a degree of trust not always matched in other environments.

Outdoor advertising is going nowhere and has already proved how adaptive it is to the new world. Most of today’s billboards are solar-powered LED or high-quality digital billboards with targeted messaging. They continually get better at complimenting where digital marketing fails when it comes to providing a smoother interaction of brands with their consumers. 

There has never been a better time to explore the great outdoors so get in contact today to see how a strategic outdoor advertising campaign can compliment your brand. 


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