One of the best ways to help your business prosper is to implement a marketing strategy. In this article, we will explore marketing strategies and their importance.

Why Do You Need One?

Effective marketing allows you to network, increase brand awareness, and develop your customer-base. It helps a business run and grow successfully.

A marketing strategy can also improve customer loyalty and interest, help your business expand internationally, and generally help you achieve goals.

Examples of Marketing Strategies

Your exact marketing strategy will be dependent upon your business. Popular types of strategies include engaging in advertising (which we can help you with), creating social media pages, and engaging in targeted marketing.

Is it hard?

The best thing about market strategies is that they are quite easy to create, engage with and implement. In order to be successful, a marketing strategy should follow the SMART rules.

S: Specific

Your strategy should have a specific, detailed and concise outcome. Having a strategy aimed at “gaining more customers” isn’t specific enough, as it does not give your business a clear goal to work towards. A specific objective can be something like “improve customer-base by 17%”.

M: Measurable

In order to be successful, a marketing strategy must be quantifiably measurable. After all, how will you know if your goal has been reached if you are unable to measure it?

A: Achievable

Setting an unattainable goal will not help your business in any shape or form. Goals must be achievable for the specified context, time-frame and budget.

R: Realistic

A marketing strategy must be realistic and formed by looking at the current economic and environmental context. You must consider the resources your business has available, whether that be budget, material or human resources.

T: Timeline

A deadline must be specified for your strategy, otherwise team effort will strongly decrease.

We Can Help

A marketing strategy is vital for every business and is easily implementable. If you have any questions about this article, or about the ways in which we at Civic Media can help you, please contact us and call +61 3 9830 0058.

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