In the modern world, we can advertise everywhere. One popular method of advertising is outdoor advertising, commonly seen in the form of billboard advertisements. In this article, we will explore how and how not to do outdoor advertising.

Don’t: Require Fast Action

Many billboards on roads and highways make the mistake of listing numbers and emails. However, how likely is it that a driver will jot down a telephone number or remember it later? Instead of focusing on this contact information, it is more important that the billboard focuses on the company or service, which is more likely to stick in your audience’s mind.

Do: Check Placement

Location, location, location. Even the most well-made outdoor advertisement will be useless if not placed in an appropriate location. After all, every audience has a different place of residence. If you are targeting stay-at-home mothers, your outdoor advertisement will be better placed near a school or playground as opposed to a busy business centre.

While you are researching placement, it would also help to research whether your target demographic uses a particular language or slang. If they do, include this in your advertisement to improve resonance.

Do: Stay Consistent

Your advertising should remain consistent throughout your business, regardless of the location. This means keeping the colours, slogan and logo the same. Too many changes can confuse your customers and reduce recognisability.

Create a Story

Your audience will remember your slogan a lot more if it is linked with a story, especially if that story evokes some sort of emotion.

Do: Check Your Competitors

Researching your competition and their modes of advertising will ensure that you will make your business stand out. It could also give you some ideas on how to advertise your product.

Do: Contact Us

The right advertisement can have a significant yield for your business. If you have any questions about this article, or about the outdoor signage that Civic Media can offer you, please contact us and call +61 3 9830 0058.

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