All Aboard … Take the Express Lane to the Future of DOOH

The future of programmatic DOOH is now and here is why.

But firstly what is programmatic DOOH? Programmatic digital out-of-home, also known as programmatic DOOH or pDOOH, refers to the automated buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising – that’s ads on digital billboards and signage. So in a nutshell computers are automating the sale and delivery of ad content in a similar way to what you see with most online advertising. Buyers will set conditions under which they want to buy media, and when those conditions are met, ads are purchased automatically.

So why is this important for marketers and brands?

As Australia reopens and mass vaccinations continue, consumer optimism and marketer optimism are increasing. A wave of consumer demand for ‘revenge spending’ is coming as the economy restarts, with consumer spending over the next two quarters likely to be the strongest. Consumer mobility patterns will change and brands need to be where their consumers are.

Programmatic outdoor advertising not only provides a seamless integration of digital and outdoor advertising campaigns but opens up new possibilities for marketers looking to maximise the value of their marketing budgets through agile, flexible and trigger based decisions. 

In a recent IAB Australia report the major factors driving the consideration of incorporating programmatic digital out-of home to omni-channel media plans are; 

Major Factors of Programmatic DOOH

Source; IAB Australia Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home State of the Nation Survey May 2021 

In todays world marketers need to be flexible and agile in a changing environment to maximise performance from their DOOH spend. Programmatic DOOH offers brands the data-driven targeting, campaign measurement, and real-time optimisation they need to meet these challenges, bringing incremental value to both the buy and sell-side. 

And if that isn’t compelling enough the Urge to Splurge Post-Pandemic Revenge Spending Study, which was conducted in August as an online quantitative survey of 2,458 Australians nationally, key findings for the final quarter of 2021 and beyond were:

  • 47% of shoppers are planning on making a major purchase;
  • 40% of Australians are looking forward to spending on dining-out and entertainment;
  • 19% will book a holiday; and
  • 2 in 3 consumers feel satisfied after making a big purchase.

With all that in mind there is no better time to jump in to the great outdoors and capitalise on what is bound to be a bonza Christmas and Summer season. 

Civic Outdoor are committed to working with clients to understand how DOOH can help them achieve their goals and how DOOH can add value both in terms of standalone activity and as part of the wider media plan. For more information please contact us here and one of our specialists will be in touch with you to discuss your unique campaigns and objectives. 






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