Civic Outdoor believe that a beloved pet should never be torn apart from their human so on 18 November join us to help Pets of the Homeless raise $150,000 to keep best friends together.

In times of hardship, we often turn to our best friends for love and support. And when a person’s only lifeline is their pet, that bond becomes more important than ever. But if a rough patch in life means they have to be separated, wouldn’t you want to step in and help keep them together? That’s the driving purpose at Pets of the Homeless. On Wednesday 18 November, each and every dollar donated to Pets of the Homeless will be TRIPLED by their generous matchers. That’s three times the love, three times the impact for people and pets, three times the good they can do!

To ensure maximum visibility for the ‘Never Tear Them Apart’ campaign Civic Outdoor have donated space on their network of digital billboards through Melbourne. The outdoor advertising will be live until after the one day appeal on November 18th and will appear on billboards located in Wantirna to Bentleigh to Sunshine and beyond. 

Never Tear Them Apart Campaign Appeal Live on Nepean Highway Bentleigh

Image courtesy of Pets of the Homeless

“We can’t thank Civic Outdoor enough for supporting our Never Tear Them Apart appeal this year.” says Pets of the Homeless Founder and CEO Yvonne Hong. “2020 has been particularly hard for our small volunteer powered charity. We have had to push ourselves harder than we’ve ever had before to assist the community, first during the devastating bushfires then through months of COVID-19 lockdown. On top of that, we’ve lost a lot of our ability to fundraise. By donating space for us to advertise on their digital billboards, this will certainly help us with our fundraising appeal and bring a lot more awareness to the  life saving work that we do here at Pets Of The Homeless.”

You can click here to donate to Pets of the Homeless ‘Never Tear Them Apart’ appeal. 

Click here to find out more information about our civic partnerships.

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