Queensland can wait … just jump in the car and head to 3788 this Summer! 

Civic Outdoor have created a campaign that will appear across our network of classic and digit3788 Olinda Campaign Hits The Streetsal billboards over the holiday season promoting the picturesque town of Olinda (3788) in the Dandenong Ranges. 

If you are anything like us after a year of hard lockdown you are desperate to stretch your legs and get out and about. And with so many amazing places to explore in our own backyard we can assure you 3788 is a must add to your destination list.

“The 3788 campaign was incubated in the heart of Melbourne lockdown. So many of our local tourist areas have been completely devastated by this years events and we wanted to think of a way to support a small community in a tangible way that literally drove dollars back into the area. And what better way of doing this than with a billboard campaign?” – Adam Whitford, Director at Civic Outdoor


And if the experts are right mini breaks will set the trend for 2021 and Olinda and the Dandenong Ranges with its lush mountain ranges, cute little villages and growing food scene certainly has it all. Whether you’re up for hiking, chasing waterfalls, shopping or tasting local produce, 3788 will tantalise your tastebuds with options.

It’s not only about travel either it looks like the outer areas of Melbourne, like Olinda, have had increased real estate demand and could become one of the new relocation hotspots. Only 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD a abundant with greenerya affordable housing a Olinda is an ideal connected lifestyle region. And with the increase in the flexibility and ability to work from home Victorian’s are rethinking the way they live and move around our city bringing an array of change in how we commute, work, shop and play.

Look out for the campaign on the street and visit www.3788.melbourne to get a snapshot of the area. 

Click here to explore more about the area. 

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