Okay, so picture this: you are cruising down the Nepean Highway on your way home from a long day at the office listening to some cheesy 80s music and thinking about the load of washing you need to do when you get there. A small colourful billboard in front of you gets bigger and bigger as you drive toward it, and you see a mouth-watering image of fried chicken and…bam! You’re salivating. It doesn’t matter whether you were hungry or not, you can’t help it — you find yourself stopping for some delicious crispy fried chicken.

And there you have it, the magnetic power of billboard advertising!

Sure, this is a pretty simplistic summary and we understand that billboards don’t always create such an instantaneous response. Still, the powerful combination of location, relevancy, attention-grabbing creativity and the purity of billboard advertising is undeniable. There is a lot of research and science behind the way that billboard advertising actually works on consumers. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the psychology behind billboard advertising and why it is so effective.

The impact of billboard advertising on consumers

Research has shown that billboards are one of the most effective media advertising methods — offering some of the highest returns on investment. In fact, a biometric study recently conducted by the Outdoor Media Association has concluded that people are 2.5 times more alert when they are outside their homes. With billboards and other Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, brands can offer contextually relevant messaging to members of their target audience who are out in the world with their senses heightened and their minds’ open.

The trick is to appeal to their emotions. Studies have proven that by triggering the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for how we feel, you also affect the hippocampus, our memory centre. So by designing an ad that excites their feelings, whether it’s through humour, anger, empathy or even sadness, your billboard is creating a lasting and memorable impression.

How effective is billboard advertising in 2021?

With the digital and online scene so predominant in our modern lives, it’s easy to question whether billboards are still an effective advertising method. Researchers have looked into this area as well and answered your question with a clear yes. According to an OMA survey, 78% of Australians notice outdoor advertising each month and 88% said that brands on billboards stand out. So, not only do consumers see the brands, but they also actively engage with them. 

The public response to the latest Outdoor Media Association impression survey has been overwhelmingly favourable, with 100% of the social sentiment being positive, not in small part due to the non-intrusive nature of this type of advertising. Well executed billboards help build an emotional connection to a brand, start a conversation and prompt direct action. That is why OOH delivers four times more online activity per dollar spent than tv, radio and print

Creating an effective billboard design and campaign

So are all billboards effective? Do they work as a stand-alone campaign, or should you incorporate them into a broader strategy? The truth is, billboards are only impactful if they are skillfully put together and deliver a message that will grab your consumer’s attention. Working closely with a media planning team, like the one at Civic Advertising, guarantees that you’re reaching the right audience, in the right places and with the right message. Whether you choose to use a classic billboard or a digital billboard, you’ll also want to consult a creative design expert about developing and refining the most effective billboard for your company. At Civic Outdoor, we offer a start to finish service to translate your message into a traffic-stopping creative vision.

Location-influenced effects of billboard advertising on consumers

A critical factor in effective billboard advertising is its location. Even if you have the most catchy message and impactful image, your billboard won’t yield good results if it’s in front of the wrong eyes. In order to avoid wasting your well-thought-out campaign on the wrong audience, consider working with an experienced company that has the knowledge and resources to place your message in front of the right people.

Get in touch with the billboard experts today

With decades of experience in targeted advertising across Melbourne and greater Victoria, you can trust Outdoor Civil to find the right location to reach your target audience. We offer a complete in-house service, from integrating billboards into your existing marketing strategy to developing a comprehensive outdoor media campaign and designing impactful billboards. When it comes to high impact and low cost, you won’t find a better provider. Read more about the impact of effective billboard advertising or contact us today to start the conversation.

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