Have you been considering using billboards as part of your outdoor advertising strategy? The advantages of billboard advertising are manifold, and the possibilities are endless when you partner with Civic Outdoor — the go-to supplier and experts of billboard advertising in Melbourne. 

To make the process of choosing a solution that fits your needs more straightforward, we’ve created this handy guide on all-things billboard advertising and the main advantages of opting for this effective form of advertising. 

Different types of billboards 

When considering billboards in Melbourne for your outdoor advertising requirements, there are several different methods to choose from:

  • Static — These are traditional billboards usually displayed on highways and streets. One of the advantages of static billboards for outdoor advertising is their ability to reach an enormous audience. Furthermore, static billboards display the same message and do not share space with other advertisers, giving your ad more exposure to potential customers. Our static billboards allow you to level up your advertising game in terms of size and quality. Civic Outdoor’s supersite roadside billboards are a perfect choice when considering billboard advertising in Melbourne. These billboards offer you over 40 square metres of prime advertising space in high-traffic locations, allowing you to generate brand awareness boldy and effectively. Want to go even bigger? We have Spectacular billboards that are over 86 square metres in size. 
  • Digital — The ability to display eye-catching visual content is one of the most significant advantages of digital billboards. The flexibility offered by this type of outdoor advertising allows you to run multiple campaigns and change your messaging as you deem fit. Our digital billboards in Melbourne can be customised to fit your specific needs — and you can take advantage of our innovative media planning strategies to decipher suitable locations and sizes that work best for your brand.  Being digital these billboards pop with vibrant colours day and night. 

Advantages of billboard advertising 

Before you create your strategy and decide what outdoor advertising method is right for your business’s unique requirements, let’s unpack the advantages of billboard advertising:

  • Allows you to reach a variety of potential customers 

    Billboards allow you to reach a large audience of potential customers from all walks of life. Your campaign targets a broad segment of demographics without needing to waste resources on identifying a niche customer base. 

    Additionally, the format and placement of billboards give them high, long-term visibility. The sheer size of the billboard itself makes the messaging of your outdoor advertising campaign hard to miss, so you can expand your customer base with the right strategy, approach and messaging techniques.

  • Generates brand awareness while increasing the frequency of consumer exposure 

    Billboards work wonders in developing and promoting brand awareness. Thousands of people pass by billboards daily, and most see the same message more than once. This works subconsciously to create familiarity, keeping your brand values and overarching message top of mind.  

    Also in today’s changing world your brand prominence and positioning is more important than ever. Having your brand big and bold on a billboard is one of the strongest ways to stand out from the crowd and reach your audience. 

  • Affordable and effective 

    Compared to other advertising mediums, such as television, billboard advertising is more cost-effective. The wide reach offered by this form of outdoor advertising proves extremely beneficial in the long run, especially for smaller brands. 

  • Strong visual effect 

    Regardless of your business, outdoor advertising ensures your message is front and centre. Photographic information is also easier for consumers to digest and understand, so you can create an eye-catching visual that will boost. 

  • Boost conversions 

    Placing your billboard in strategic locations can turn a potential buyer into an instant customer. For instance, a billboard advertising your products in your store’s vicinity can spark interest and prompt an impulse buy.

  • Expression of your brand’s uniqueness 

    Billboards allow you to stand apart from competitors and portray your brand values and messaging. Creating innovative visuals that diverge from the norm will ensure a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Choose Civic Outdoor for the best billboard advertising in Melbourne

Looking for a sure-fire way to create hard-hitting outdoor advertising campaigns that reach your target audience, generate new leads and create brand awareness? Civic Outdoor is renowned for creating sizable, bold, striking static and digital billboards in Melbourne. 

Our expert marketing strategists and designers will work closely with your business to create memorable campaigns that propel your business towards further success. We take pride in offering you some of the best outdoor advertising services, and we’re the go-to choice for any business looking for quality billboard advertising in Melbourne.

Searching for more high-impact advertising solutions? We also offer affordable Civic Guides and Programmatic Advertising services that provide audience targeting and measurement. If you have any queries about the advantages of billboards or specific questions about our billboards in Melbourne, contact us today — we’d love to work with you to bring your advertising vision to life.

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