In a world where marketing messages come at us thick and fast throughout the day, digital billboards offer a new way to reach your target demographic and leave a lasting impression. In fact, research shows that digital billboards are even more effective than online advertising for capturing the public’s attention. Combine this with the fact that digital billboard technology is more vibrant, easy to update and faster to produce than traditional billboards, and you start to see how powerful they can be. Are digital billboards effective? The short answer — yes.

The power of digital billboard technology

Whether you’re a small business looking to up your local profile, or you’re about to launch a major multi-media campaign, digital billboards can play an important part in your strategy. Because they’re so successful at grabbing the attention of commuters and shoppers on their regular routes, a digital billboard can create buzz around your business with the audience you want to reach most. With the power of a bold, dynamic design and strategically placed digital billboards, expect to see a lot more cut-through of your message. 

With ‘digital first’ now the way almost all ventures do business, it can be tricky to balance your advertising budget. A digital billboard helps to bridge the gap between online strategies and traditional out of home activity, allowing you to complement your digital campaign with a strong OOH message.

How do digital billboards work?

The technology behind digital billboards is fairly straightforward. A series of light emitting diodes form a whole image, much like any LED display or TV you might have seen before. The effect is an vibrant eye-catching display that seems to jump out of two dimensions and never fails to capture consumer’s attention. 

Because digital billboard technology works by using a computer program and not just a static image, you can quickly and cheaply change the messaging on a digital billboard, and even incorporate up-to-date information, such as weather, the time, news updates or stock quotes.

Why are digital billboards effective?

Since they first started appearing as out of home advertising, digital billboard technology has come a long way. Today, you can gain from all of these advantages:

  • Going digital puts the control in your hands From up-to-the-minute information to bold, vivid colours, digital billboard technology’s only limit is your imagination. You’re in complete control of what your message will be and how it will appear — no middlemen required.
  • They’re dynamic Whether it’s the addition of moving elements, a two part message that packs a punch, or a creative design that bursts off the screen, digital billboards have a dynamic element that can’t be ignored. They’re also always on, capturing the attention of drivers and passers by even at night thanks to their bright message.
  • Fast production saves time With digital billboard technology, there’s no need to book in with a printer and wait for a physical copy to be made. Stay agile and reactive when you need to be, knowing that your message is only a few clicks away from being lit up.
  • They’re flexible If a campaign evolves, current events demand a refocus, or you simply want to try out strategic advertising campaign options. The adaptable nature of digital billboard technology makes digital billboards effective for A/B testing and key performance metrics. Digital billboards offer you ample flexibility. The advantage of being able to run different creative at different times of the day and week. Digital billboard technology gives you the benefit of unprecedented control over your campaigns.
  • They allow you to create a more cohesive campaign For strong branding you need a powerful visual language as much as you do clear and consistent messaging. A digital billboard gives you the power to take your online and digital assets and bring them to life on the big screen, without losing any of their impact. Plus, they give you the chance to produce epic storytelling on a grand scale, capturing the public’s imagination in new, innovative ways.
  • Ad block free zone Now more than ever is this essential to a successful campaign. Consumers can choose to block advertising on their devices. With close to a quarter of mobile users installing ad blocking apps, advertisers are starting to lose a means to reach their audience. Digital out of home advertising is immune to Ad Blocking.
  • Superpowered smart digital is here Programmatic is taking digital billboard advertising to the next level. Programmatic is to billboards what the internet was to computers. Talk to us about adding programmatic to your digital billboard campaign. You now have more control to zone in on your target audience like never before.


Are you ready to book your digital billboard in Australia

If you want to create a bold message for your small business that simply can’t be overlooked, Civic Outdoor can help you to create an unforgettable digital billboard. From billboard development to creative and strategic consulting, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether it’s simple exposure or a campaign that tells a story, we’re the experts in making sure your out of home message hits home. Connect with us today and start a conversation about making your brand’s voice heard with digital billboards in Australia.

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