Civic Outdoor is proud to offer a range of outdoor media options throughout Adelaide and South Australia, providing your brand with an opportunity to target a local audience, or boost a national advertising campaign.

Our ever-growing coverage of Adelaide includes both digital and classic large-format billboards, and our extensive network of small-format Civic Guides can reach a local audience in both metropolitan and regional SA.

A Civic Guide and a digital billboard that form an important part of our story
A digital billboard operated by Civic Outdoor in Melbourne's inner suburbs

Billboards in Adelaide

With our growing network of large format billboards in Adelaide, you can make a big local impact.

We operate both digital and classic billboards in Adelaide, giving your brand flexibility in location, timing and cost. Together our strategically placed billboards reach over 38% of Adelaide’s population every month, providing you with an opportunity to share region-specific messages, or to extend your national outdoor advertising campaign beyond the limits of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane alone.


Why Advertise in Adelaide?

Our billboards in Adelaide give you access to a whole new audience.

Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city and is home to over 1.3 million people. While not as large as Melbourne or Sydney, the potential audience in Adelaide is nothing to ignore. By advertising in Adelaide with Civic Outdoor, you can massively increase the size of your outdoor campaign’s audience, and make huge brand impact in a market where the competition is lower.

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A Civic Guide that has been part of our story since the 60's
A digital billboard operated by Civic Outdoor in Melbourne's inner suburbs

Civic Guides in South Australia

A widespread network of small format signs all over South Australia.

With almost 150 outdoor sites placed in key regional and metropolitan locations around the state, our Civic Guides in South Australia capture mass audiences in their local communities. These cost effective signs capture both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and can facilitate self-contained local messages or be used to compliment the reach and presence of larger advertising campaigns.