Quite simply billboard advertising connects with audiences. Whether it’s static printed posters that dominate a space or a digital screen that captures consumer attention, outdoor advertising has a format to meet every need. 

As outdoor advertising exists in location-based settings, by its very nature it invites us to look up and engage with our immediate surroundings. Advertisers can broadcast widely and capture the attention of a large audience, or narrowcast to connect with a targeted consumer.

And what if we were to tell you that outdoor advertising can also offer brands an ‘amplifier effect’ on the other digital and traditional marketing channels they already use?

Here’s how:

More reach

Outdoor Advertising has the largest, most diverse, real and growing audience

Real, receptive audiences.

Outdoor Advertising audiences are more receptive and likely to act on your brand messages

  • Biometric research shows people are 2.5x more alert outside the home compared to screen time at home and are 2x more alert and likely to act
  • Alertness increases by 98 per cent outside the home, which drives the attention and memory encoding necessary for advertising impact

Connects brands with people

Outdoor Advertising connects people, places and technology

  • Outdoor advertising continues to evolve, and with its digital inventory now offers more engagement and more relevance through:
  • Immediacy – short-term campaigns with a quick approval cycle
  • Flexibility – the ability to day-part, temperature-trigger, segment messages throughout the week
  • Utility – outdoor advertising signs deliver Wi-Fi, content such as time and weather, plus essential infrastructure

Supercharges ROI

Outdoor Advertising improves campaign ROI

  • When paired with other media channels, outdoor advertising drives Mobile, Social and Digital, encouraging people to search, try and transact
  • Outdoor advertising increases TV campaigns by 15 per cent, and TV + Digital campaigns by 23 per cent
  • Outdoor advertising can increase intrigue by 38 per cent on top of an Online campaign run on its own
  • Outdoor advertising can increase advocacy by 28 per cent on top of a Print campaign run on its own
  • Outdoor advertising continues to deliver more online activity per ad dollar spent compared to TV, Radio and Print (newspapers and magazines)

A creative opportunity to WOW

Outdoor Advertising is the ultimate creative canvas

  • Contextually relevant OOH creative is 19 per cent more effective

Data Source: www.oma.org.au 

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