What Are the Essential Elements of a Great Billboard?

Billboards are among the oldest and most effective advertising tactics around. However, it’s not one that’s executed with ease. There’s a fine art to designing a billboard advertising that captures the attention of passers-by and is clever enough to be remembered and build awareness for your brand.

Today, digital advertisement is increasingly the medium of choice. The best time to capture attention is when people are on the move and cannot look down at their devices. Make your billboard advertising count with these essential elements that ensure you have the greatest chance of being noticed and remembered.

Keep it Brief and Simple

We’re usually on the move when we read billboards, so we don’t have much time to absorb the message. Drivers, cyclists, public transport commuters and pedestrians spend between 5 to 10 seconds reading a billboard. Ensure your message is brief enough to be comprehended in that time. Use no more than six or seven words in the messaging. Small paragraphs won’t get read.

Focus on making a big visual impact. Show it, don’t say it. Get creative but keep it simple. This no time for complex, experimental layout or poetic copy. The simpler it is, the more effective that billboard will be.

Focus on Brand Awareness

Don’t waste space plastering addresses, phone numbers and website addresses all over the billboard. Most people who read it will not make a direct action or response, and the extra text will take away from the overall visual impact. A billboard is primarily for brand building and supporting a campaign. It should be used to make a quick, memorable message. Unless your website or phone number is part of the 5 to 10-word headline, save it for other forms of advertising.

Use Contrasting Colours

Use bright colours and/or a bold image in your design to attract attention to your billboard. Contrasting colours within the design will make a bigger visual impact and help with the retention of your message. You should also consider likely backdrops your billboard will be sitting against when choosing your colour schemes such as blue skies, green trees and grey buildings.

Keep the background of your billboard simple to ensure the main text or image in the foreground makes an impact and isn’t fighting with other elements for the viewer’s attention. Stick to one main block of text or image. This will make a much bigger impact that a handful of images that take up a quarter of the layout each. Be wary about making the logo too big or small.

Billboard Advertising in Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Civic Media offers a range of managed outdoor advertising products across Australia including static billboards, digital billboards, street furniture ads and civic guides. We can help you get your message in front of the right people with large, impactful billboard advertising printed in high quality PVC. Call us today on 03 8580 6091 or contact us online to find out more.


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