Civic Guides are community-focussed outdoor displays that feature a cost effective and targeted advertising space alongside helpful wayfinding information.

In selected areas of regional Australia, the classic Civic Guide format featuring multiple local businesses on a single community board is still available.

A Civic Outdoor digital and classic billboard beside a Civic Guide
One of our many classic billboard locations throughout Melbourne


With boards located in over 700 locations around Australia, Civic Guides are a well-known and trusted source of local information

When you advertise with Civic Guides, you are putting your business in front of real local audiences when they’re out and about. Plus, the classic format means each Civic Guide board acts as a mini information centre, pointing tourists and residents alike towards businesses in categories they’re actually interested in and looking for. This helpful approach to displaying local information helps each advertiser appear to be an essential part of the nearby region.


Our classic Civic Guide layouts allow you flexibility in how you advertise

Classic Civic Guide boards are generally divided into 100x100mm blocks. You can book just one of these, or request to combine multiple to create an ad with multiplied impact. Our most common sizes are a single spot (95mm x 95mm), a double spot (195 x 95mm) or a four-spot (195x195mm).

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A digital billboard promoting a local business to passing traffic
A community Civic Guide reaching vehicle and pedestrian audiences


Contact us for information about pricing, availability and even design!

Classic Civic Guide boards allow businesses to be displayed throughout an entire region for a minimum of 2 years before board prints are replaced, at which point you will have a chance to renew your spot and design. And if you don’t have a designer to create your advertisement for you, Civic Outdoor can offer your that service through our in-house design team.

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