Our Tips for Coordinating Your Online and Offline Advertising

Cracking the right balance between online and offline advertising is essential. Doing so ensures you get the best possible result from your marketing efforts and offer a seamless customer experience. Treating these channels as separate can be tempting, as it makes budgeting and managing campaigns easier, but it’s not a practical approach.

Multichannel campaigns can improve brand perception by 68 per cent and purchase intent by 90 per cent according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The key to coordinating your online and offline advertising is to offer a consistent message that will resonate with your potential customers.

The Importance of Exposure

You may have heard of the rule of seven – that the average consumer needs to be exposed to a brand’s message an average of seven times before they make a purchase. Of course, you don’t have to craft your campaign around achieving this precisely. The principle is that a consistent message is key to converting the audience into paying customers.

Using both online and offline advertising, following the rule of seven is simple. For example, you can advertise using locally-targeted social media ads and Google AdWords along with billboard advertising and other forms of outdoor advertising in shopping centre, on bus shelters or in civic guides. Ensure all forms of advertising present a consistent, cohesive narrative.

Cross Device Marketing

Cross-device marketing can improve conversions by 16 per cent according to Google, making it a powerful way to boost engagement. Consider the rule of seven again. Imagine seeing an ad on social media or TV and then seeing the same promotion on a billboard. The likelihood of that ad making an impact is much higher with a combination of consistent messaging on different mediums.

Figuring Out the Right Message

A multichannel campaign is a big investment. You want to make sure you’ve got the messaging right before launching it. Some split or A/B testing on social media to determine what kind of messages creates the most conversions. Take the most successful campaign message and go big with it on every platform.

Quality Outdoor Advertising in Melbourne

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