Can you introduce yourself and what your role is at Civic Outdoor?

Hi I am Jess Marazzi and I am a Commercial Manager at Civic Outdoor. My role at Civic is to assist our sales team, help develop new site locations whether that be from construction to already built sites, liase with our landlords/contractors, heck why not also arrange for our client installations!

What do you like most about working at Civic Outdoor?

Working at civic with a team that not only focuses on themselves but also others, where a lot of laughs and some tantrums are among the reasons why I like working at Civic.

How have you found working with the team?

Somewhat challenging! However we always work through those challenges and come out the other end more orientated & motivated more than ever.

What makes Civic Outdoor unique?

We take full pride in what Civic stands for and we have fond relationships with our clients/contractors who we will continue to support.

What are you most looking forward to over the next six months?

Civic to grow its portfolio and finding those new relationships in business opportunities that will benefit both Civic & other businesses.

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