Civic Outdoor has over 40 years of experience in reaching consumers during their daily commute, on their regular coffee runs and walking routes, in their cars and during their leisure time. Time and time again, out-of-home advertising has been shown to create lasting impressions on consumers, and memorable massaging for your brand. Our decades of expertise when combined with the powerful impression of a digital billboard can help you create a truly impactful campaign that both impresses upon your audience in an immediate way, and connects powerfully to drive more compelling calls to action.

Our range of digital billboards in Melbourne offers a variety of both sizes and locations to suit the needs of your business. Our media planning strategies will help get you started picking the perfect location and billboard to suit your budget, while our design team knows that you only have a few seconds to catch your audience’s eye, and will work directly with you to create a memorable campaign that will stand out from your competitors.

One of our many digital billboards that can be located throughout Melbourne
One of our many classic billboard locations throughout Melbourne


Digital billboards take the high-quality bold designs made possible in the digital format and bring it to your audience in an outdoor location, a place we know customers are 98% more alert than when in their homes. With beautiful visual messages that shine bright both day and night, you can be sure that your billboard isn’t missed. In combining this high impact messaging with the tried and tested formula of outdoor marketing, advertisers can reach consumers in a uniquely engaging way that sparks real conversations, cements your brand in the real world, and drives online traffic and mobile brand engagement.

Why choose Civic Outdoor for Digital Billboards in Melbourne?

Since the 1960s, Civic Outdoor has been a mainstay of the Melbourne landscape. We know outdoor digital advertising and its success depends on understanding the importance of location, and we use our expertise to make sure you connect with a highly targeted local audience that is engaged with your brand. We’ll work closely with you to conceptualise, design and execute a campaign that delivers strong messaging and a cost-effective return on investment. Our local team of designers are on hand to design billboard artwork that is both attractive and compelling to consumers, and we’ll pair that with a strategy that consistently delivers you results.

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